Louis Calistro Alvarado

Office: Arts & Sciences, 107
Ph: (518) 442-4715
Email: lalvarado@albany.edu                                                 Publications
Ph.D., University of New Mexico                                          Curriculum Vitae

Louis Calistro Alvarado


Behavioral and reproductive ecology, evolutionary endocrinology, prostate cancer epidemiology, social inequity and health disparities


rural Poland

My research concentrates on the expression of men’s steroid physiology across the life course, and its effect on behavioral and morphological aspects of male phenotype, including health outcomes. I conduct field research at a rural agricultural village located in a region of the Carpathian Mountains within Southern Poland. I use non-invasive hormone sampling procedures to examine interactions between men’s testosterone levels, work demands, parenting, musculoskeletal function, and senescence. I am also particularly interested in relationships between testosterone and androgen-sensitive disease, such as cancer of the prostate gland, and investigate comparative endocrinology across human societies in order to identify socioecological factors underlying epidemiologic disparity in prostate cancer.