Field Schools

Archaeology Field School: Summer 2018

When: June 25 - August 3 (Summer Session II, 6W2)

Where: right in Albany! Drive or take the city bus to class.

Credits: 6 (AANT 338)

Costs: Tuition and hand tool kit (trowel, line level, clipboard, etc.)

What: We will investigate the lifeways of abolitionist era (pre-Civil War) African Americans at several historical (1800-1850) sites of major importance in Albany tied to community leaders, key figures in the Underground Railroad. Help us engage in community outreach with visitors and volunteers to the sites. Course lectures will expand your understanding of this part of Albany's history.

Learn: To lay out units, excavate, screen, map, record, and photograph archaeological features in the field. Also learn to wash, label, identity, and inventory artifacts in the lab. These are useful and expected skills for entry-level work in the archaeology profession.

Requirements: You should be able to spend days outdoors in the summer, working onsite, and have a positive attitude!

Sign up: Contact Marilyn Masson ( Space is limited.