Award Management Services Staff

Department Assignments provide contact information for post-award financial matters related to Research Foundation accounts.
Updated March 2017

Organizational Chart Updated February 2018

Paula Kaloyeros Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Programs Administration 442-3196
Marlene Z. Williams Administrative Staff Associate 437-3835
Accounts Payable 
Charlene Cox Accounts Payable Team Leader 437-3865 
Sue Beattie Clerk II 437-3889
Robin Noble Clerk II 442-3196
Financial Reporting and Collections 
LuAnn Charbonneau Assistant Director  437-3893
Erin Lupe Financial Reporting Specialist 437-3890
Nicole Palladino Financial Reporting Specialist 437-3877
Grant and Contract Administration 
Jerold Gauriloff Associate Director  437-5074 
Laurie Henry Grant Administrator -Team Leader 437-3871
Alexa Cappola Grant Administrator 437-3880 
Tiffany Catalfamo Grant Administrator 437-3864
Lori Hurley Grant Administrator 437-3870
Vita Pagrizauskaite Grant Administrator 437-3837
Labor Distribution 
Nancy Marra Payroll Distribution Manager  437-3883 
Deborah Chong Clerk II  437-3873 
Jennifer Donnelly Labor Distribution Administrator 437-3888
Rebecca Keefe Labor Distribution Assistant  437-3849
Lynne Graham Purchasing Team Leader 437-4577
Pamella Cozzy Processing Specialist 437-4595
Willie Leong Senior Purchasing Associate 437-4583
Nick Marini Purchasing Associate 437-4584
Susan Thayer Purchasing Assistant 437-4594