Program Updates

Recent updates to the program, not reflected in the schedule below:

Posted 11/1: on 1 November, the talk by Abril Jimenez at 16:00 in Room 6: CC West Multi-Purpose Room has been canceled.

Posted 11/1: on 2 November, Jason Stanley will be giving his (rescheduled keynote) talk at 12:00 in Room 2: CC Assembly Hall. Markus Bieswanger will move into the 11:30am slot, just before.

Posted 10/31: Vladan Sutanovac was going to present on 3 November, but now has been shifted to the Fresh and New Pragmatics Section on 2 November, 16:30-17.

Posted 10/31: on 2 November at 14:30pm in Room 3: ED 335, in session ‘Semiotics and Pragmatics’: The talk by Elizabeth Flores-Salgado & Michael Thomas Witten is going to be given via Skype.

Posted 10/31: on 3 November at 9:30am, the talk by Obana & Haugh is correctly titled: 'Japanese honorifics and sarcastic irony - Threatening and downgrading by ostensibly exalting the other'

Please find the abstracts and titles for each registered participant under 'Presenter Abstracts' on our website.  Browse a pdf of the full schedule or click on the image below.