Graduate Student Travel Awards

We are happy to announce that the following individuals (in alphabetical order) have each been selected as recipients of one of our seven Graduate Student Travel Grant awards:

1. Christodulelis, Eleni (Ohio State University, USA)
2. Donahoo, Stanley (University of Arizona, USA)
3. Lei, Rong (Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China)
4. Muhammad, Ananda (Iowa State University, USA)
5. Sutanovac, Vladan (University of Vienna and DFG CRC Düsseldorf, Austria/Germany)
6. Truan, Naomi (Sorbonne Université Paris, France)
7. Weissman, Benjamin (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

We congratulate the winners and are looking forward to welcoming them to Albany, November 1-3, 2018. The awards will be personally presented to the recipients by the President of the American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA), Distinguished Professor Dr. Istvan Kecskes at the conference (date and time of the awards presentation forthcoming).

AMPRA will offer seven travel awards to support conference travel ($400.00 USD each) for graduate students.

If you are interested in participating in the 2018 AMPRA Graduate Student Travel Award competition, please submit your abstract through EasyAbstract with the following highlighted note preceding the text: “REQUEST for Graduate Student Travel Award”.

In order to be eligible for the Graduate Student Travel Award your work needs to be original, innovative, and should make a contribution to any area of pragmatics.

Accepted abstracts with the note “REQUEST for GSTA” will be re-examined by the AMPRA Executive Board. Award winners will be notified together with their notification of acceptance of their abstracts on March 15th. They will also be announced on the AMPRA and conference websites thereafter. Awards checks will be handed over to winner at the AMPRA meeting during the conference (Nov 1-3, 2018).

We look forward to receiving your application!

AMPRA Executive Board