Frequently Asked Questions

Once we reach our goal of enrolling 300 women, the information collected will be analyzed to see how the environment and stress might work together to influence the health of babies. Your confidentiality is important, and your personal information has been removed and replaced with a study ID number. 

As your baby enters toddlerhood, we may reach out to you to learn how you and your baby are doing.  If you gave the AIMS team permission to contact you when you enrolled, we may be in touch in the future to see if you would like to participate in a follow-up study.  Y

 All information collected from this study will be analyzed and we will share some of our discoveries with you in our newsletters. However, we cannot provide you with information about your specific environmental exposures during your pregnancy as this information will likely not be analyzed for another year.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in this study more than once. AIMS is only enrolling pregnant women who have not previously been a part of this specific study.


 Our study team would love to speak with you! Just send us an email at or call 518-402-0402.