The Undergraduate Program in Africana Studies

General Program B.A.: A minimum of 36 credits to include three of the following five courses: A AFS 101, 142, 219, 286, 287; A AFS 490; additional department courses, as advised, to include 6 credits at the 200 level and 15 credits at the 300 level or above.

Undergraduate Advisement Information

Requirements for Africana Minors

A minimum of 18 graduation credits must be completed (9 or more of which must be in course work at or above the 300 level) including one course from among the following: AAFS 142, 219 or 219Z, 286, 287 and 490.

Honors Program

Undergraduate Bulletin Africana Studies

Special Programs and Research Opportunities

Application for the Department of Africana Studies Book Voucher Program

Undergraduate students in the department are provided an opportunity to apply theory through community projects, both within formal courses and other such special programs that may be designed by the Department. Students participating in the latter may work directly with New York legislators and community agencies. For further information contact the Department's Director of Undergraduate Studies.

The community internship 3 credit course has been offered since the 1980s to majors and minors of junior standing or higher. Students are interviewed beforehand to ensure that the internship experience is matched to their academic and professional goals.

Students are also provided ongoing colloquia featuring locally and nationally known African and African-American scholars, and Africana majors are required to pass AAas 490, a capstone course in which students conduct critical investigations into Africana-related topics and issues. Moreover, undergraduate majors and minors may arrange independent research projects on a mutually agreed upon topic with any professor of the Department of Africana Studies.