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Dear Friends of Africana Studies:

The Department of Africana Studies is celebrating more than 40 years of educating our University’s undergraduate and graduate students. The Department’s graduate and undergraduate programs are in the top ten ranking in this country in terms of degree conferrals. Quality indicators of the Department have been objectified and validated by external reviewers. The Department’s aim is to garner funding so that a larger number of graduate and undergraduate students can take advantage of our excellent program offerings and to maintain its excellent national reputation.

Consistent with the University’s thrust to solicit alumni and external funding, the Department is reaching out to its illustrious alumni and friends for financial support. Many of our students are the first ones in their families to pursue graduate and undergraduate degrees, and many are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. With the continued rise in tuition costs, many potential new students will be unable to attend the University at Albany unless external funding is generated to help them earn their Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Africana Studies. The Department instituted a book voucher program to assist eligible students in purchasing their books. May we ask you to make a contribution to the intellectual life of our graduate and undergraduate students? This is critical in ensuring their access to higher education and their academic success.

Any contribution you make will be greatly appreciated. Please address your check to the University at Albany Foundation and use the check memo space or an accompanying note to instruct that your gift be restricted to the Department of Africana Studies. You may also opt to make your pledge by credit card. For more details, visit the University’s website at:

With your financial support, our academic programs can continue to be ranked highly in this country. Thank you for considering our request. If there are any questions, please contact me at 518.442.4730 or by email at

Respectfully yours,

Marcia E. Sutherland
Chair and Associate Professor
Department of Africana Studies




2011/09/15 DV