The Graduate MA Program in Africana Studies

The program leading to the M.A. degree seeks to provide students with an interdisciplinary understanding of African and African American history, culture, politics and society, and to prepare them for professional careers in relevant areas. In addition to core requirements, students will concentrate in one of two areas: African Studies or African American Studies.

Subfields: (African or African-American Studies) Students in African Studies may choose courses in history and culture, politics and economics of either particular regions or of the continent as a whole. Subfields in African American Studies include history and culture, politics, sociology, psychology and literature.

Students are prepared for careers in teaching, counseling, international relations, business, journalism, federal and state government, community program direction, research and program development, and evaluation. A minimum of 32 credits of graduate work must be completed, 28-29 of which must be in the Department of Africana Studies.

Requirements: Core requirements for all students (14 credits). Research Seminar. AAFS 611A and 611B Socio-Methodology for Africana Studies (8).

A general course in African American studies, including one of the following: AAFS 596 Survey of African American Literature (4), AAFS 612 Race Theory and Social Thought (3).

A general course in African Studies, including one of the following: AAFS 520 Problems of African Economics (4), AAFS 560 African History (3), AAFS 533 Topics in African History (3), AAFS 662 Readings in African History (4), AAFS 623 Seminar on Africa in World Politics (3), AAFS 627 African Political Thought (3).

Concentration Requirements (12 credits): Students must choose a concentration in either African or African American Studies. Each concentration will require 12 credits of coursework in the field of specialization. Supporting Courses (6 credits): Among electives, 3-4 credits may be taken outside of the Department.

Comprehensive Examination: Satisfactory completion of a comprehensive examination in the specific areas of Africana Studies.

GPA Degree Clearance: A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required to obtain a Master’s Degree.

Applying for Graduate Study: Apply online through the Office of Graduate Education. For specific information on deadlines and the Africana Studies admission process, contact Dr. Marcia Sutherland, Department of Africana Studies, Director of Graduate Studies.

For more information, please visit the Graduate Bulletin