Community Service Internship

Internship opportunities are available to majors, minors, and graduate students in Africana Studies with the Homeless and Travelers Aid Society of the Capital District, Equinox Youth Shelter, Equinox Youth Outreach/Prevention Services, NYS Office of Children & Family Services, the AIDS Council of Northeastern New York, Arbor Park Child Care Center, Albany County Youth Advocate Program (YAP), Adolescent Employability Skills Plus Program, Inc., and other governmental and nonprofit agencies. The student and the host agency supervisor will arrange for the intern's specific responsibilities.

Criteria for Selection of Interns: Internships are open to students who have junior standing or higher (have completed at least 56 graduation credits). Students must also possess at least a 2.5 cumulative grade-point average.

Faculty Sponsorship: The student's internship must be sponsored by a member of the full-time teaching faculty whose expertise applies to the work in which the student will engage as an intern.

Project: Under the guidance of the host agency supervisor, the student will develop and complete a project related to his or her internship. The student must also work closely with his or her faculty sponsor on the academic aspects of this project.

Academic Component: In addition to the written project, other specific readings and written assignments in the academic component are to be supervised and evaluated by the faculty sponsor.

Credit (AAFS 490, 498, 499Q and 599Q): Undergraduate students can register for this 3 credit community service internship under AAFS 490, 498, or 499Q. Graduate students can register for the internship under AAFS 599Q (4 credits). The student, host agency, supervisor, and faculty sponsor will arrange for the student to complete 135 hours of on-site and academic work. The Department of Africana Studies proposes that interns' work schedules consist of a 2-day work week covering a total of eight hours each week.

Internship Responsibilities: Student interns are expected to fulfill the time schedules and responsibilities arranged by the host agency supervisor. Evidence of repeated failure to fulfill internship responsibilities will result in a lower final grade.

Placement Opportunities: Placements are made in community agencies, health organizations, and state agencies. Examples of such placements are as follows:

Department of Africana Studies SAFA Campaign Homeless and Traveler's Aid Society Equinox Equinox Youth Shelter Adolescent Employability Skills Plus Program, Inc.

How to Apply: Application forms are available from Dr. Sutherland in BA 114.

The deadline for spring semester internships is December 1st and the deadline for summer and fall semester internships is May 1st. (Completed applications can be turned in beforehand.)

Students must submit their completed application form to the faculty sponsor together with the most recent copy of their transcripts (official or unofficial). Thereafter, students will be notified in writing of their selection.