Women's Studies

Research – a systematic inquiry or investigation into a topic – is conducted across the curricula at the University at Albany.  Whether it is using ancient texts or more recent diaries to develop new understandings or analyzing data to find mathematical patterns, research is an important component of your university education. Research begins with a question. What answer will you uncover?

What is research in Women's Studies?

Women's Studies research places women, gender, and sexuality at the center of study, and also factors in race and class. The objective of Women's Studies research is to advance social justice.

How can I do research in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at UAlbany?

  • Most undergraduate courses in our department require some form of research or creative project.
  • Students who wish to pursue a research project under the guidance of a faculty member may take the Independent Study/Research course.
  • Undergraduates enrolled in Electronic Publishing in Women's Studies - WSS 342X have edited several issues of the electronic journal called transcending silence . . .  www.albany.edu/womensstudies/journal Although this journal suspended publication four years ago, there are plans to activate it.
  • Research Seminar in Women's Studies - WSS 490Z is a capstone course that is required of all majors. Students enrolled in the course explore central features of women's, gender, and sexuality studies research and engage in critical debates on methodology, epistemology, and the relationship between research and social change.

Department contact: Prof. Vivien Ng at vng@albany.edu

Profile of a student

Shelby Quackenbush is a double major in Women's Studies and Journalism with an interest in sociology and cultural welfare. She is a member of the UAlbany Equestrian Team and founder of UAlbany Peace Action. She also has participated in a service project in Thailand through Global Service Corps.

Based on her experience working with Thai minority children, Shelby continued learning about related issues from a scholarly research perspective. She developed her Women's Studies capstone project on Thailand's disenfranchised hill tribe communities entitled: "At the Northern Border: The Hill Tribe Struggle for Human Rights, Status, and Citizenship Within Thailand's Booming Sex Industry." In this project, Shelby applied a feminist lens to her analysis. She examined how different organizations that deal with trafficking and child welfare issues handle the particular problems facing Thailand's most vulnerable communities. Her paper contained an insightful literature review, persuasive arguments, and interesting contributions through her content analysis of websites.

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