Research – a systematic inquiry or investigation into a topic – is conducted across the curricula at the University at Albany.  Whether it is using ancient texts or more recent diaries to develop new understandings or analyzing data to find mathematical patterns, research is an important component of your university education. Research begins with a question. What answer will you uncover?

What is Math Research?


  • Analyzing interesting examples in some areas of mathematics
  • Looking for patterns
  • Working on a previously unsolved problem, in the hope of finding a proof for a mathematical conjecture
  • Many problems in algebra, analysis, topology, geometry, and probability which can be attacked by undergraduates.


  • Application of mathematics to real-world problems in areas like cryptography, differential equations, or game theory
  • Interdisciplinary, using mathematical tools to solve problems in other disciplines.

Mathematics faculty research interests  

Some other resources to explore

  • Mathematical Association of America, at This is an organization for undergraduate students in mathematics. It has journals and information about research, graduate programs, competitions, and a broad range of other mathematical activities you might enjoy.
  • The Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference is a one-day event held annually each Spring. The conference features short mathematical presentations by students and faculty, and a longer talk by a prominent mathematician.
  • Several institutions around the country offer summer research experiences for undergraduates (REUs). Most of them pay for your housing and offer you a stipend, while you work closely with a research mentor. Many REU participants culminate their experience with a conference presentation or even a published paper. You can find a list of REUs offered each summer at the website of the American Mathematical Society

If you like math, there might be interesting research opportunities for you in:

Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Sociology, Physics, Chemistry … and just about any other department on campus. Mathematics is a set of tools that are used across most disciplines to do mathematical modeling or solve other complex quantitative problems.