Research – a systematic inquiry or investigation into a topic – is conducted across the curricula at the University at Albany.  Whether it is using ancient texts or more recent diaries to develop new understandings or analyzing data to find mathematical patterns, research is an important component of your university education. Research begins with a question. What answer will you uncover?

What is Globalization Studies research?

  • Investigating global forces and processes that shape our lives
  • Ways of acquiring and applying knowledge in the ever-broadening context of the wider hemispheric and global realities facing individuals in the rapidly changing world of the 21st Century
  • Research topics can address:

*Transnational and cross-national interconnections and interdependence
*Ways to gain knowledge of the United States in relation to other regions of the world
*Promotion of international trade, investment, and tourism
*Management of social development programs for international migrants and refugees
*Social and environmental impacts of major transnational investment projects
*Design and management of programs to protect local economies and cultures from negative impacts

How can I do research in Globalization Studies at UAlbany?

Students have numerous opportunities to engage in one-on-one interactions with faculty through independent study projects and research collaborations. By electing to work with a faculty mentor, the student develops a practical understanding of the research process while beginning to acquire a network of professional contacts. The student initiates the project by presenting the mentor with a research proposal in outline format. The mentor helps to flesh out the project, set up a work time-table, and schedule meetings. The schedule and the document both help to keep the student on topic and to serve as a reference point for grading purposes.

GLO 403 - Research Project in Globalization Studies provides students with an opportunity to explore a topic of interest in Globalization and produce a 25 - 40 page essay, in consultation with a faculty advisor who will provide guidance.

Some other resources to explore

  • The World Bank is a unique partnership to reduce poverty and support development. It is comprised of two institutions managed by 188 member countries: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the International Development Association. The IRBD aims to reduce poverty in middle-income and credit-worthy poorer countries, while the IDA focuses exclusively on the world's poorest countries. These institutions are part of a larger body known as the World Bank Group
  • The ESRI Geographic Information Systems website posts exciting news on how GIS is used in research

If you like Globalization Studies, there might be interesting research opportunities for you in:

History, Latin American Studies, foreign languages, Africana Studies, Sociology, Political Science

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