Research – a systematic inquiry or investigation into a topic – is conducted across the curricula at the University at Albany.  Whether it is using ancient texts or more recent diaries to develop new understandings or analyzing data to find mathematical patterns, research is an important component of your university education. Research begins with a question. What answer will you uncover?

What is English studies research?

  • Textual analysis
  • Textual production
  • Close analysis of language and literature in a text's historically- and culturally-specific contexts

    These produce:

  • Literature and culture studies
  • Composition and rhetoric studies
  • Creative writing
  • Journalism  

How can I do research in English studies at UAlbany?

          Eng 205, Eng 210, Eng 305, Eng 310

These classes introduce students to the research methods, interpretive strategies, and forms of writing common to English studies.

        *  Upper level classes

Complete small research projects in courses designed to explore a particular period, theme, mode or form of literary production.

         *  Independent Study

Students with an idea for a research project that is not offered through one of the upper level courses may approach a faculty member with compatible research interests.

         *  English Honors Program

This three course capstone experience prepares students to work closely with other ambitious students and committed faculty to develop an original critical or creative project of their own design. The extended scope of an honors project permits innovative, original research sometimes at the frontier of English studies.

 For more on these opportunities, see our department website: https://www.albany.edu/english/