Criminal Justice

Research – a systematic inquiry or investigation into a topic – is conducted across the curricula at the University at Albany.  Whether it is using ancient texts or more recent diaries to develop new understandings or analyzing data to find mathematical patterns, research is an important component of your university education. Research begins with a question. What answer will you uncover?

What is Criminal Justice Research?

  • Criminology - causes of crime and society's responses and reactions to crime
  • Criminal Justice - the study of the real-world systems that deal with crime, using theories and research from other disciplines

How can I do research in Criminal Justice at UAlbany?

Other resources to explore:

  • American Society of Criminology (ASC) Student Affairs Committee Facebook Page. This is a Facebook group designed specifically for student members of the ASC. The page encourages social networking among criminology and criminal justice students, and provides valuable information on career development in the field.
  • American Psychology - Law Society (AP-LS) Student Section website (  AP-LS is a division with the American Psychological Association and is primarily concerned with investigating the relationship between psychology and the law. The student section of AP-LS mirrors this goal but also provides students with information concerning internships, fellowships, grants, research, teaching, clinical training and other resources.

If you like Criminal Justice, there might be interesting research opportunities for you in:

Economics, History, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Public Affairs & Policy, Social Welfare, Sociology

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