Doctor of Physical Therapy Admissions

Terms of the Agreement: Physical Therapy Admission

The University at Albany and The Sage Colleges School of Health Sciences have developed a collaborative agreement to provide qualified students from the University at Albany who wish to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from the Sage Graduate Schools (SGS) preferred admission as indicated below. This collaborative
agreement provides for:

1. Guaranteed acceptance for students with a 3.5 (or greater) Science Prerequisite and Cumulative GPA and Preferred Acceptance (on a space available basis) for students with a Science Prerequisite and Cumulative GPA between 3.25 and 3.50, who have completed physical therapy program course prerequisites and submitted a completed application through PTCAS;
2. Waiver of the Sage Graduate Schools application fee;
3. Early acceptance;
4. Access to Sage advisors to coordinate undergraduate electives and coursework that satisfy the prerequisites in the graduate program;
5. Opportunity to apply early for Graduate Assistantships in the Sage Graduate Schools

Terms of the Agreement: Physical Therapy Admission
University at Albany students will be given preferred admission to the Sage Colleges School of Health Sciences for
the DPT degree, who demonstrates the following:
a. Earned baccalaureate degree (or in progress)
b. Minimum overall 3.25 GPA
c. Minimum science GPA of 3.25 (Anatomy & Physiology I and II with labs or approved equivalents;
Physics I & II with labs; Chemistry I & II with labs, and Cell Biology with lab)
d. Completion of Physical Therapy Program prerequisite courses with grades of C or better (see
prerequisite courses listed below)

To qualify for preferred admission to the DPT Program students agree to the following:
By August 15* of the year preceding graduation from the University at Albany:
1. Submit a completed PTCAS Application ( following the Early Decision Procedures, including:
a. Official Transcripts
b. Two (2) letters of recommendation, one of which must be academic
c. Clinical Observation Hours Documentation (minimum of 40 hours, preferably in at least 2 settings)
d. Resume
e. Essay

Within 30 days of acceptance:

2. Make enrollment deposit of $200 (non-refundable, though to be applied toward graduate tuition)

While interviews are no longer required, we encourage students to visit our campus and meet with a representative
of our program prior to submitting their application to PTCAS. Please contact James Brennan at [email protected] to schedule a visit or ask questions about our program.

The following University at Albany courses meet SGS PT Program prerequisites:
University at Albany Course Number and Title:
ABIO 130 General Biology and ABIO 201 lab
ABIO 131 General Biology II and ABIO 201 lab
AANT 316 Anatomy & Physiology I
AANT 318 Anatomy & Physiology II Lab
ABIO 217 Cell Biology
APHY 105 General Physics I and APHY 106 Lab
APHY 108 General Physics II and APHY 109 Lab
ACHM 115 General Chemistry I with Lab
ACHM 116 General Chemistry II with Lab
APSY 210 Statistical Methods in Psychology or MAT 108 Statistics
APSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
APSY 203 Psychology of Child Development




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