Pre-Health Sophomore Year


  • Continue taking pre-health coursework including organic chemistry and physics. 

  • Work on study habits and time-management skills that will allow your grades to improve even as courses get more challenging.

  • Research health professional programs to learn about specific requirements. 

  • Continue to meet with the pre-health advisor during group advising sessions as needed.

  • Get to know faculty.  Ask questions in class and visit during office hours.  Faculty are a great resource for major/career information and for future letters of recommendation.

  • In the spring semester, attend the “Sophomore Pre-health Workshop” that focuses on resume and personal statement writing.

  • Begin to explore research opportunities, especially if MD/Ph.D. is an interest.

  • Continue to read!  This will help you to prepare for the MCAT, DAT, GRE, etc.

Health Care Experience

  • Continue to gain meaningful health care experience.  Experiences that allow for direct patient contact tend to be most meaningful. 

  • Consider performing community service for credit through the UAlbany Community and Public Service Program.

  • Investigate opportunities for health care programs in the summer and on breaks from school. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Continue and expand your involvement with student clubs and groups and community service or volunteer programs. 

  • Regular participation in extra-curricular activities shows commitment, and these activities will help you develop good time management and interpersonal skills.

  • Take a good look at yourself. Are you an excellent student? Do you thrive on patient contact? Do you like a hectic, challenging lifestyle? If not, perhaps you should reassess your goals now.  If you answered "yes," then continue reading.

Junior Year