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Timeline for Pre-Health Advisory Committee

  • Interview in Spring of Sophomore year if you plan to apply to Early Assurance Medical (link)  or 3+4 SUNY Optometry (link)
  • Interview in Spring of Junior year if you plan to begin professional school directly after graduation
  • Interview in Senior year if you plan to have a “gap year” for life experience, etc.
Are your academic and non-academic credentials the best they can be?  Students only receive one pre-health committee interview/evaluation.


Fall Semester:

  • Attend the fall information session for students who plan to interview with the UAlbany Pre-health Advisory Committee.  We will present data on UAlbany students who were accepted last year to professional school.
  • Begin to gather and submit materials required for your pre-health file (See link for checklist). You can open your pre-health file any time, even freshmen or sophomore year.
    1. Request letters of recommendation from faculty and health care experiences. 
    2. Begin to write your personal statement.
    3. Update your resume
    4. Begin to work on forms required for your pre-health file.
  • Begin to develop your study plan for the MCAT, DAT, or OAT.  Most students take at least 4-6 months to prepare in earnest.  Take as many practice exams as you can.  Be sure to release your scores to the pre-health advisor when registering for the exams.
  • MCAT
    Link to overall strategies for exam preparation
  • Follow up with faculty on the status of your letters of recommendation.
  • Complete personal statement, resume and forms and submit to your pre-health file.

Spring Semester:

  • January: Deadline for receipt of resume, personal statement, and forms for your pre-health file is the FIRST MONDAY IN JANUARY!.
  • March and April:  Interview with the PHAC.  This interview will be conducted by two members of the PHAC and will last ~30 minute to 1 hour.  RELAX and BE YOURSELF!
  • May/June:
    1. PHAC evaluations are finalized
    2. Take MCAT, DAT, OAT and/or continue to prepare
    3. Consult MSAR and ADEA official Guide to Dental Schools Guide and develop potential list of schools to apply to.
      • Begin primary applications.  See guidelines posted here:
      • Medical (link to guidelines)
      • Dental (link to guidelines)
      • Optometry (link to guidelines)