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Checklist for Pre-Health Advisory Committee

The following items must be submitted to your pre-health file in order to be considered for a pre-health advisory committee interview and evaluation.  You can open your file at any time.  The due date is the first Monday in January:

  • Resume
  • Personal Statement (~2 pages, double spaced)
  • Recent Photograph (with your name printed on the back)
  • Request for Committee Evaluation
  • Authorization and Waiver form
  • Judicial Clearance form
  • Student Evaluation form (All letters of recommendation must include this form)
  • 2 Letters of recommendation from SCIENCE faculty who have taught you
  • 1 Letter of recommendation from Social Science or Humanities faculty who has taught you
  • Letter of recommendation documenting a minimum of 50 hours of health care experience (paid work, volunteer, etc).
  • Letter confirming research - optional
  • Additional letters of recommendation – optional

Note for Early Assurance applicants:

In addition to your personal statement, you must also submit a statement describing your reasons for participating in early assurance.  You should also describe your plan for the “scholarly/academic” project that you will carry out junior/senior year if accepted.