How to Register

To view schedule information, access the Searchable Schedule of Classes. This link can be found in MyUAlbany on the academics page - first link on the left, or at

Use this search to learn days and times classes are offered, as well as to see how many seats are available, and any restrictions on who can register for the class.

Many seats are reserved for incoming transfer students and for declared majors.

How to use the schedule of classes - step by step instructions

How to register - step by step instructions

How to register video


Registration tips

When you are searching for classes, make sure that you meet the prerequisites for the course.  Prerequisites are courses which you need to have taken before you proceed to a more advanced course. The best way to ensure that you meet the prerequisites for a course is to look up the course’s description. You can use your Undergraduate Bulletin or access the course descriptions online at: The prerequisites are listed at the end of the course description. 

Pay attention to course levels when you enroll for classes. 100-200 level courses are lower-division classes.  These are mainly survey classes taken by freshmen and sophomores. 300-400 classes are primarily reserved for juniors and seniors. These classes are upper-division courses and are generally taken the third or fourth year of your academic career. They often require prerequisites. Upper-division courses are generally advanced and require prior, introductory knowledge of the subject area.

When searching for classes, make sure that you take note of alternative selections. This will assist you in the event that the section of a particular class you want is closed when you are able to register for it.

Create a balanced schedule. Most students will benefit from splitting their classes between ones offered on M-W-F, and those on T-TH.

Be flexible!  You will want to create the best possible complete schedule you can from available courses on the day you register.  Once you are fully registered, you may continue to make changes in your schedule if other classes or times open up.