Detailed Summary of Transfer Credits

Part 1:  Transfer Courses which have no credit and/or courses that will not be accepted
Included in this section would be classes from which you withdrew, classes with grades lower than a C-, classes that are nontransferable, and classes that were repeated.

Part 2:  Transfer Courses which are accepted
Reading from left to right you will see:
the semester in which you took a class,
the course equivalent at UAlbany, **
the number of credits earned for the class, the grade you earned for the class preceded by the letter T,
the name, institution and class number at that institution


Summary of Transfer Courses

** Course equivalents can be exact matches to a class that is taught on this campus (APSY 101, Intro to Psych) or generic equivalents that give subject credit, but do not have an exact match (APSY 010, Adolescent Development).
Generic equivalents appear as
APSY 000 – Graduation credit only; doesn’t count toward major or minor requirements
APSY 010 – 100-level elective credit – may be applied toward major or minor
APSY 030 - 300-level elective credit – may be applied toward major or minor
APLOE - Applied elective, restricted to 12 graduation credits


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