General Education Requirements

The General Education Program at the University at Albany proposes a set of knowledge areas, perspectives, and competencies considered by the University to be central to the intellectual development of every undergraduate. Taken together, the coursework is intended to provide students with a foundation that both prepares them for continued work within their chosen major and minor fields and gives them the intellectual habits that will enable them to become lifelong learners. Courses within the program are designed not only to enhance students’ knowledge, but to provide them as well with new ways of thinking and with the ability to engage in critical analysis and creative activity.

All students are required to complete the requirement for each category listed under the General Education section of the audit. Transfer courses may be used to satisfy these requirements. Courses offered in a semester that satisfy each category can be identified by using the Schedule of Classes Search. Each category specifies a credit requirement (3 or 6 credits) or a course requirement (1 course, regardless of how many credits).

Special notes:

Writing and Critical Inquiry:  May have been satisfied with general writing class at prior school.  If not, students should take AENG 100Z.

Math: A student who has achieved a score of 85 or above on the Regents “Math B” Exam (former “Mathematics Course III” Exam) or on a recognized standardized examination indicating readiness to enter precalculus will be considered to have fulfilled this requirement.

Foreign Language:  Satisfied with 3 credits of foreign language, or

  • demonstrated competency in a language other than English, including languages not currently offered for formal instruction at this university; or
  • passed a Regents “Checkpoint B” Examination or a Regents-approved equivalent in a foreign language, with a score of 85 or above; or

  • completed three or more years of a foreign language in high school with a course grade in the third year of 85, or B, or better; or

  • earned a score of 530 or better on an SAT II Subject Test in a foreign language.




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