Degree Audit Reports (DARS)


Your Degree Audit report will be prepared after the University receives your admission deposit.
These reports are accessed through MyUAlbany. Click for instructions.

Print your DARS and use the following to understand your current status.

Your degree audit report keeps track of all the requirements necessary to complete your degree at UAlbany, and as such is a valuable tool for you throughout your career here. DARS uses plusses (+) and minuses (-) to indicate whether a particular requirement has been completed (+) or still needs to be satisfied (-).

Student's Academic Program

Summary of Transfer Courses

Bachelor of Arts/Sciences Requirements

Current UAlbany Cumulative GPA

Liberal Arts and Science classes

Residence Requirement

The General Education Program

Major Requirements

Minor Requirement Summary

Courses that are excluded from Graduation Requirements

Elective Courses

UAlbany Academic Summary