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Welcome to the Music Program at the University at Albany. Our majors receive both a high level of instruction and a unique degree of faculty attention and guidance. We offer students foundational experience in the areas of theory, history/musicology, performance, and composition. Departmental majors can specialize in Vocal or Instrumental Performance, Composition, Theory, or Musicology. The Music Program includes a wide range of performing ensembles, including Chorus, Orchestra, Jazz and Percussion Ensembles, and Concert and Marching Bands. We also offer a music minor. Additional information about the Program, including listings for our many events, can be found on our website.

The MAP (Major Academic Pathway) shows how the Music major might be completed in two years.

As a transfer student it is important for you to use your Degree Audit Report (DARS) to determine what you’ve already completed and what is left for you to finish at Albany. As you do this, please consider the following information that we have found to be important to transfer students:

Music Major Curriculum (36 cr. General Major):

Core Courses (27 cr): The Music major requires the completion of foundational courses in theory, history and performance. Transfer students in Music are advised to begin the core as soon as possible.

Introduction to Music, AMus100, 3 crs.

Theory, 16 crs.
AMus 245, 247, 345, 347

History, 6 crs.
AMus 300, 301

Ensemble, 2 crs.
Choose from: AMus 180, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 287

Elective Courses in Music (9 cr.)
Select 3 Musicology, Theory, and Composition courses at 300-level or above (except those in the Core). Upper-level electives include a wide range of topics, such as jazz, rock, American musics, film sound, counterpoint, and recording techniques.

All UAlbany undergraduates must complete a minor. Requirements for the music minor can be found here. Music Majors have the option of completing the minor within music as Departmental Majors. Please see here for information on requirements for specializations in Vocal or Instrumental Performance, Composition, Theory, or Musicology.

Previous Coursework: While the University at Albany has a particularly large transfer equivalency databank, the Music major is widely variable across institutions. There may be instances in which your coursework at a previous institution does not have a University at Albany equivalent. If your previous coursework has not been applied to the major, it may be re-evaluated by the department chair with supporting documentation (syllabus, course description, written work from the course, etc).

Future Advisement: The Department office in PAC310 is open weekdays. Each semester, you will need to meet with your advisor before registration in order to obtain your AVN (Advisement Verification Number).

Email: UAlbany e-mail is an official means of communication for the University at Albany. The Music Program alerts students to events and opportunities through email, and you will want to check your UAlbany e-mail account “frequently and consistently” to keep informed. Students' Official University Email Policy

We look forward to meeting you and discussing your college plans. A Music Program Advisor is available for University scheduled transfer advising August 1, August 22, and August 24 and by appointment in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). Please e-mail to confirm a meeting time, or call (518) 442-4187.


MAP for the General Major

Year 1: Fall


AMus 100, Intro (3 cr.)

AMus 301, Music History-C.P.E. (3 cr.)

AMus 245, Theory I (4 cr.)

AMus 247, Theory II (4 cr.)

Amus 265, Keyboard Harmony (2 cr.)

Upper-level Elective (3 cr.)

AMus 180+, Performing Ens. (1 cr.)

Performing Ensemble (1 cr.)



Year 2: Fall


AMus 300, Early Music (3 cr.)

AMus495, Research Seminar (3 cr.)

Upper-level Elective (3 cr.)

Upper-level Elective (3 cr.)

AMus 345, Theory III (4 cr.)

AMus 347, Theory IV (4 cr.)


by Nancy Newman, Chair (
29 June 2017