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Human Biology Major
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Welcome to the Human Biology major at the University at Albany.
Students in this major focus on the evolutionary and physical components of the human experience. The human biology major shares course work with biology, psychology, public health, and other areas of the physical sciences. Majors take a basic science sequence in biology, chemistry, math, and physics, and a sequence of courses on the fundamentals of human biology, including Human Evolution, Human Population Biology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology, Other credits are gained through a variety of electives and may be tailored toward students' intended graduate study or career goals.

This program is especially suitable for those seeking careers that deal directly or indirectly with human health and welfare (e.g., medicine, allied health [physician assistant, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing, etc.], public health), forensics, administration, business, journalism, and teaching.

The Human Biology major is a combined major and minor sequence, requiring 55 total credits. Students in this major do not need to declare a separate minor field.

Summary of requirements
Required courses (42 minimum):
Basic sciences:
ABIO 130 & 201, ABIO 131 & 202Z, ABIO 205 or 212Y
ACHM 120, 121, 124, and 125
AMAT 108 or PSY 210 or SOC 221, or one semester of college mathematics (other than AMAT 100, 102, 104, or 105)
APHY 105

Fundamentals of Human Biology:
AANT 110, Introduction to Human Evolution
AANT 211, Human Population Biology
AANT 316 and 318, Human Anatomy and Physiology, parts I and II
At least one of the following: AANT 312, Human Population Genetics (=BIO 318); AANT 319, Physical Growth and Development; or AANT 416, Topics in Human Biology (topics vary and the course can be repeated).

Electives in the major (at least 13 credits):
A variety of courses in Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Public Health can be counted toward the major. See the Undergraduate Bulletin for the list. In addition, 3 credits may be selected from RSSW 290/390, ABIO 399/499, and AANT 498, with prior approval from the Human Biology Advisor.


How to choose electives:
Students are encouraged to choose electives in the major based on their career tracts (General Studies, Pre-med, Health, Human Evolutionary Biology, or Culture Ecology and Biology. *Please be aware you do not need to declare a “Track” – they are suggestions based on common graduate program admission requirements.
Please be sure to speak with the Human Biology Academic Advisor about your goals after graduation.

Academic Advising:
Human Biology majors have a department Academic Advisor, Bianca Englese, who handles all technical questions concerning your progress towards graduation, adding/dropping a course, course requirements for the major, ANV numbers, and registration questions for upcoming semesters.

In addition, you will also be assigned a Faculty Advisor within the department.  Questions concerning post-graduation careers, graduate programs in biological anthropology, or issues that are impacting your ability to do well in school – should all be directed to your faculty advisor.