Registration Advice to Transfer Students

Intended major in Financial Markets Regulation
The University at Albany offers a strong program in Financial Markets Regulation (FMR).  This is a restricted major, and you will need to apply and be admitted in order to pursue it.  Generally speaking, it will take you 3-4 semesters to complete the major after you admitted.
However, many majors can provide you with a strong foundation that will prepare you to confidently seek opportunities in the Business field, including graduate work. 
As an incoming transfer student, we will advise you to take classes that allow you to work toward applying to FMR, but will also expose you to the other fields which may work as well or better for you in accomplishing your goals.

Four Core Courses for Financial Markets Regulation

  1. BACC 211:  Financial Accounting (Fall semester only)
  2. ICSI 105 or ICSI 201:  Computing and Information or Intro to Comp Sci
  3. IINF 201
  4. RPAD 236 (Spring only)


Students should apply to the major after completing a minimum of three of the four specified lower-level courses; a final decision on admission will be made only after completion of all four specified lower-level courses. At the time of application, and also at admission, the student’s overall GPA must be 3.25 or better, with an average of 3.0 or better in the specified lower-level classes. Admitted students also should have completed at least 56 credits toward graduation.

Please complete and submit your Educational Plan based on this information. You will be registered for classes by your academic advisor, and your schedule will be finalized when you meet at Orientation or when classes begin.



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