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Welcome to the East Asian Studies Department at the University at Albany!

We offer three majors: Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, and East Asian Studies. The difference between these majors is mostly that the first two require three years of language study (or its equivalent) and the last one requires one year of language study. In addition to language study, courses in history, literature, art history, and philosophy make up the core of our curriculum.

Transfer students with no language training background but all their General Education requirements completed can finish the language degrees in two years if they participate in a study abroad program in China or Japan. Indeed, we have a number of students who do this. However, it’s a good idea to map out your courses with your advisor early on so that you don’t miss any required classes.

Our language classes are taught in sequence: 101, 201, and 301 in the fall, and 102, 202, and 302 in the spring. If you are coming in with some language background, you should meet with one of the language instructors to assess which level would be appropriate for you. E-mail the department ( to set that up.

Many of our students choose to major in East Asian Studies and minor in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. This is also possible for transfer students, but  would require study abroad in order to cover the language credits needed if you want to complete your degree in two years.

We post our semester schedules with links to recent syllabi on our web page at If you click on the course title (not the course number), you will see the syllabus. If you have questions about any course, feel free to contact the instructor (just click on the instructor name for contact information).

To contact the department and be assigned an advisor, please send an e-mail to with your name and preferred mode of contact (e-mail, phone, etc.).