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Planning.  Regardless of where you are in your academic career when you enter the University, the key to completing all degree requirements and graduating in a timely manner is planning.  This is crucial for Transfer Students, as it may take longer than you had anticipated.

1. Choose the appropriate degree/concentration

Chemistry BA – a 51 credit combined major/minor.  No concentration.  This degree would be good for students who wish to teach chemistry at the high school level.  However, the BS is the standard choice for chemistry majors. 

Chemistry BS – The standard choice, emphasis required.  Choose between chemistry, chemical biology, or forensic chemistry or comprehensive forensic chemistry.  All tracks lead to a BS in chemistry and the choice should depend on future career goals.  A BS in chemistry is ideal for preparing students for entry in to graduate/professional schools or going into the workforce as a chemist.  Students interested in a career in the health field should consider the chemical biology emphasis because it fulfills the pre-requisites for medical school. 

2.  Review the appropriate MAP: Chemistry BA MAPChemistry BS - Chemistry Emphasis MAPChemistry BS - Forensics Chemistry MAP,Chemistry BS - Comprehensive Forensic Chemistry MAP  In what semesters will you complete the courses you haven’t yet done?

3.  Note whether the classes you need to take next are offered this semester.  (Schedule of Classes)

4.  Determine whether you’ve met the prerequisites for classes you need to take.  Students are de-registered from classes for which they do not have the prerequisites.                                  

Fall classes


Spring classes






Chm 220/222

Chm 121/124

Chm 221/223

Chm 220/222

Phy 140/145

Mat 112

Phy 150/155

Mat 113

Bio 120/122




Chm 444

Chm 221; Mat 214, Phy 150



Chm 352

Chm 225, Chm 350

Chm 445

Chm 350 or 444

Chm 353


Chm 430

Chm 225 and Chm 320 or 351

Chm 420

Chm 320 or 351

Chm 451

Chm 450

Chm 442

Chm 221



Chm 450

Chm 225 and Chm 430





  1. You are advised to complete and submit your Educational Plan as soon as possible, to maximize access to available seats.  The plan does not have to be perfect or final.

  2. Your Educational Plan will be reviewed by a member of the Chemistry faculty who will contact you by your UA email address with comments or questions.  Please use ONLY your UA Email address to communicate to the Department.

  3. When your proposal is approved, you will receive an email from someone in the chemistry department and this message will include your AVNumber. You can expect to receive this by email within two weeks after receipt of your proposal.


  • Contact Advisement Services Center 518 442-3960 or ITS Help Desk (518 442-3700).


Whether you are pursuing a BA or BS, your course work is challenging and we encourage regular meetings with your academic advisor to discuss your program of study.   Check MyUAlbany to find your chemistry advisor’s name – you can expect this information to appear within four weeks after you register for classes online. 


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