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New Transfer Student Academic Advisement

4. UAlbany Degree Requirements

Departmental Advice to Transfer Students

Women's Studies Major

Department Website

Welcome to the Women's Studies major at the University at Albany. Women's Studies is a field of study that recognizes excellence in research, teaching, and service in three important ways:

  • Intersectionality, an analysis of the intersections of gender, race, class, sexuality, and nation.
  • Interdisciplinarity, or skillful integration of methods from different disciplines.
  • Social Justice, a commitment to dismantling sexism, racism, classism, and other oppressive practices in our research, teaching, and service to different communities.

As a transfer student it is important for you to use your Degree Audit Report (DARS) to determine what you’ve already completed and what is left for you to finish at Albany.  As you do this, please consider the following information that we have found to be important to transfer students:

Beginning in Fall 2012, the requirements for the Women's Studies major are as follows:

I.    Core Requirements (15 credits)

A.   Gateway: AWSS 100 (Women Creating Change), 3 credits

B.   Intersections: AWSS 240 (Classism, Racism, Sexism: Issues), 3 credit

C.   Theory: AWSS 360 (Feminist Social and Political Thought) or AWSS 399 or AWSS 498, as advised, 3 credits

D.  Research Methods: AWSS 490Z (Research Seminar in Women's Studies), 3 credits

E.   Internship: AWSS 492Y (Internship in Women's Studies) or AWSS 322 (Feminist Pedagogy in Practice), 3 credits


II.        Electives (at least 21 credits)

Incoming transfer students may select a third WSS course in the elective category (see degree audit for listing).

If you have any questions about the information that you see here, please contact Prof. Vivien Ng, Department Chair, at

3. Our recommendation for your first semester:

·         Take 1-2 WSS Core courses, as needed

·         Add 1-2 WSS electives, for a maximum of 3 WSS courses for the semester.

·         Select 1-2 General Education courses in accordance with your DARS-identified needs.

·         Select 1 course in your minor

·         Add an elective if needed to bring your credit total to 15.


1.          Please complete and submit your Educational Plan as soon as possible, to maximize access to available seats.

2.          A member of the Women’s Studies faculty will review your Educational Plan, and will then contact you by email with comments or questions, advice about building your schedule, and an AVN that will allow you to register. 

3.          After you have registered, please contact that faculty member to make sure the schedule meets with approval, to get answers to any remaining questions, and for any final words of advice.







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