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New Transfer Student Academic Advisement

4. UAlbany Degree Requirements

Departmental Advice to Transfer Students


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Welcome to the School of Social Welfare at the University at Albany. Social Welfare majors prepare students for a career in social work.  Social work is a career with meaning, action, diversity, satisfaction and an abundance of options— a rewarding profession devoted to helping people to function their best in their environment.  Through social work, you can provide direct services to people, or work for change to improve social conditions.

The MAP (Major Academic Pathway) shows how the Social Work major might be completed in four years, in which the Junior and Senior years are specifically devoted to social work core course work. As a transfer student it is important for you to use your Degree Audit Report (DARS) to determine what you’ve already completed and what is left for you to finish at UAlbany. As you do this, please consider the following information that we have found to be important to transfer students:


The Social Welfare major is composed of Elementary Base requirements, Advanced Base requirements and Core requirements.  The Core requirements must be taken in a strictly sequenced manner, and include field work two days/week during the senior year.  Core courses are distributed as follows:

First semester                                                   Second semester

RSSW 301                                                        RSSW 306
RSSW 305                                                        RSSW 322

Third semester                                                  Fourth semester

RSSW 400                                                        RSSW 406
RSSW 401                                                        RSSW 409
RSSW 405Z                                                      RSSW 410
RSSW 408

Transfer students should work to fit any outstanding Elementary and Advanced Base requirements around their Core requirements during their first year in the program.  Your degree audit report (DARS) will detail any of these requirements that you still need to complete.  Finally, you should plan how you will complete any outstanding General Education requirements during the next two years as well. 

**Note that Upper Level Writing General Education requirements will be satisfied when completing SSW Core courses.


Social Welfare majors are not required to complete a Minor to graduate.  However, if there is room in your schedule and you are interested in adding a minor, click here for a list of minors and the courses required to complete them.

1.      You are advised to complete and submit your Educational Plan as soon as possible, to maximize access to available seats

2.      Your Educational Plan will be reviewed by a member of the Social Welfare faculty who may contact you by email with comments or questions.  When your proposal is approved, you will receive an email from him/her and this message will include your AVNumber . You can expect to receive this by email within two weeks after receipt of your proposal. 




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