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New Transfer Student Academic Advisement

3. UAlbany Degree Requirements

Departmental Advice to Transfer Students

Human Biology Major

Welcome to the Human Biology major at the University at Albany.

The Human Biology major integrates the natural and social sciences to provide students with a unique perspective on the interrelationships between biology and culture. Human Biology relates biocultural variability to health, disease, aging, growth and development, evolution, population biology, ecology, genetics, and the social issues derived from these subjects. This student-centered major is supported by a faculty known for both research and teaching excellence, and is well suited for students planning to enter medical, public health, allied health, biotechnology, or academic fields.

There are two different Human Biology MAPS (Major Academic Pathway) that students may follow. Human Biology MAP and Human Biology for Pre-Health MAP.

As a transfer student it is important for you to use your Degree Audit Report (DARS) to determine what you’ve already completed and what is left for you to finish at Albany.  As you do this, please consider the following information that we have found to be important to transfer students:

The core level courses are:

A Ant 110N (Introduction to Human Evolution)

A Ant 211 (Human Population Biology)

A Bio 110 (General Biology I)

A Bio 111 (General Biology II)

A Chm 120 (General Chemistry I)

A Chm 122 (General Chemistry Lab)

A Mat 108 (Elementary Statistics)

A Phy 105 (General Physics)

We suggest that you take at least two or three of these introductory courses in your first semester at the University at Albany if you have not already completed them at your previous institution.

If you have already taken all of these core courses, you can begin to focus on upper level course work in the areas that interest you the most.

It is not unusual for transfer students to take two or three upper level courses in the major but you may wish to also leave room for any general education and minor courses in your first semester schedule.

The Human Biology major is a combined major/minor program that does not require a discrete minor but students sometimes choose to add a minor to their program.  For a list of minors and the courses required to complete them, click here.

Although most of the basic level courses are offered each semester (spring and fall) the upper level courses in the major change from semester to semester. Bio 110 and 111 are sequential courses that are offered in the fall and spring respectively.

Click here to see a list of all of the courses approved for the Human Biology major.

If you have questions based on the information that see here please contact Ms. Linda Lamouret-Goodwin at

1.      You are advised to complete and submit your Educational Plan as soon as possible, to maximize access to available seats

2.      Your Educational Plan will be reviewed by a member of the Anthropology faculty who may contact you by email with comments or questions.  When your proposal is approved, you will receive an email from him/her and this message will include your AVNumber . You can expect to receive this by email within two weeks after receipt of your proposal. 





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