Step 3: Preparing your course request form.

Read the options below and click the appropriate links for information that pertains to your academic plan. Once you have read through the information, proceed to the bottom of this page to start the Course Request Form.

  1. AP, IB, and College credit
    As part of your Course Request Form we will ask you to list all exam and college credit that you have already earned or that you think you may earn. (We realize that you may not have received all of your AP scores yet.) Your advisor will take this information into account when creating your schedule. For example, if you have taken the Psychology AP exam and your MAP requires you to take A Psy 101, your advisor will make an appropriate substitution.

    To learn more about AP Exam equivalencies and IB exam equivalencies here.

  2. Pre-Health Students

  3. Pre-Law Students

  4. Honors College
    Honors College courses can only be taken by students who have been admitted into the Honors College.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions


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