New Freshman Academic Advisement

Advice for Pre-Law Students

Law schools do not require any particular undergraduate major for admission. Instead they are looking for students who have a record of strong academic performance, a demonstrated ability to write well and who have developed research skills during their undergraduate career.

For this reason, the best major for you is one in which you will excel. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a major that interests you and that will address your strengths. Every major available to you at the University at Albany will provide opportunities for you to hone your research, writing and critical thinking skills. Which academic area would you most enjoy exploring?

As you explore possible majors, you can consider selecting from the following freshmen-level classes that stress the skills noted.

AENG 110Z Writing and Critical Inquiry in the Humanities
AENG 102Z Introduction to Creative Writing

Research skills
AHIS 100 American Political and Social History I
AHIS 101 American Political and Social History II
RPOS 101 American Politics

Analytic and problem-solving skills
APHI 110 Intro Philosophical Problems
APHI 210 Introduction to Logic.

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