Step 2: Identifying your interests

How do I know what to study?

  • Some students begin their academic experience with a very good idea of what major they plan to pursue.
  • Others are undecided between several areas.
  • Some students start out with one idea and change it along the way as they take classes.
  • Others are completely open.
  • Most students will have settled on their direction by the end of sophomore year, although Albany students can declare their major after earning as few as 24 credits.

Our advice is to think about the kinds of things you would like to learn, rather than try to connect your major subject with a job or a career. If you are able to identify coursework you enjoy, this will often lead to a productive and satisfying major.

  • We know that your choice of major will not determine your career field. Rather, the competencies you develop as a college student and the experiences you accumulate will lead you to positions in a wide variety of careers.

Below you will find information on each of the majors offered at the University.

Please read through the descriptions, click on the related  Major Academic Pathway (MAP), and review the departmental web sites. We hope that this information will help you to identify your interests and focus on one or two areas for now.

Although these MAPs are major specific, following a MAP at this time does not prevent you from changing directions in the future. Your advisor will work with you to tailor your MAP to your needs. You will see that most MAPs include just one or two classes specifically oriented toward the major, and then also provide for general education and minor coursework.


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