New Freshman Academic Advisement

Honors College Information

As an Honors College student you have the opportunity to enroll in courses specifically designed for you by distinguished members of the University at Albany faculty.  These courses are offered across the curriculum, and students are encouraged to consider those outside their major area of study.  Honors College courses can be used to satisfy requirements in major, minor and general education, or can be electives in your program.

Please review the list of Honors College classes listed for both the Fall and Spring semesters (below).  Generally, you will want to take three of these over the course of your first year.**

As you create your Course Request Form, you will be asked to make choices about which courses you wish to take in the areas of major, general education and electives.  Honors College classes will be offered as choices in this process.  You may select one or two of these for the Fall semester. 

If the Honors College course(s) you want to take for the Fall semester doesn’t appear as a choice when you are completing your Course Request Form, please note this in the free text area at the end of the Course Request form.  We will substitute it appropriately in your schedule.

** Honors College students are required to complete 18 credits of Honors coursework by the end of sophomore year. 

** Honors College courses begin with the prefix T.

Honors College Courses for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

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