New Freshman Academic Advisement

Step 3: Creating your course request form.

Final Review

Please review your selections below. To make changes click on the Edit box at the bottom of the form. When you are satisfied with your responses, click Submit to transmit your Course Request Form to the Advisement Services Center. Please do not use your browser's BACK button as you may lose your information.

First Name: Jane
Last Name: Doe
Email Address:
Phone: 123-456-7890

Course Selections

    US History - General Education

  • AAFS 213 History Civil Rights Movement

  • AHIS 100 Amr Poltcl and Social His I

  • AHIS 101 Amer Political+Social Hist II

  • RPOS 101 American Politics


    Humanities - General Education

  • AEAJ 170 Japan: Its Culture & Heritage

  • AENG 223 Short Story

  • APHI 110 Intro Philosophical Problems

  • AREL 100 Intro to the Study of Religion

  • RPOS 103 Political Theory


    Arts - General Education

  • ATHR 240Y Acting I

  • AMUS 115 Jazz: America\'s Music

  • AMUS 100 Introduction to Music

  • AARH 264 New American Cinema

  • AARH 170 Survey of Art Western World I



  • ABIO 117 Nutrition

  • ACAS 240 Images & Issues of Diversity

  • AECO 110 Prin Eco I: Microeconomics

  • AENG 261 American Literary Traditions

  • AJST 150 Survey of Jewish Civilization

  • COURSE 5

      Comment: Optional. Note below in Question 5 if you do not wish to take a freshman seminar.
    • Freshman Seminar Descriptions

    • Freshman Seminar Course

    • UFSP 100 Freshmen Seminar :: Sex & American Culture

    • UFSP 100 Freshmen Seminar :: Personal Financial Planning

    • UFSP 100 Freshmen Seminar :: Election 2012

    COURSE 6


  • ACLC 105 Myths of the Greek World

  • AENG 144 Reading Shakespeare

  • AFRE 222Y Intermed French II

  • ALCS 100 Cultures of Latin America

  • ASOC 115 Introduction to Sociology

  • AP and College Credit
    1. Reenrolling in the same course that you already have credit for will result in a loss of credit.

    To avoid this, please list all possible sources of college credit you may have earned (AP or IB exams, college courses, CLEP tests, or University in the High School courses) whether or not you know your score/grade at this time.

    ( Note: you must send official scores and transcripts to our Office of Undergraduate Admissions to have these credits posted to your record.)

    For courses, indicate the college that will grant you credit. (Esx: Eng 101, Nassau CC)

    AP Tests and Scores (if known) College Courses
    AP Psychology - no score yet Mat 100 - Nassau Community

    Additional Information
    2. Tell us more about your ideas for school and career.

    A. List any secondary areas of interest or alternative majors you would like to pursue.

    B. List any plans or ideas that you may have for further education or careers after you earn your bachelor's degree (Examples: Law school, Medical school, finance, etc.)

    Very open right now. Maybe law school.
    3. When do you intend to graduate from the University at Albany?

    In four years
    4. List any special circumstances that might affect your schedule. (e.g., athletic team participation, commuting, ROTC, health issues).

    A typical UAlbany freshman course schedule may begin at 8:15 am on some days and end at 8:35 pm on other days.

    5. Do you wish to be enrolled in a freshman seminar as noted in your course choices?

    6. If your MAP includes a math course, please provide the following information.

    What was the most advanced math you took in high school?

    Do you consider yourself to be a strong math student? Do you have any concerns about taking math at UAlbany?

    7. If you have been admitted to the Honors College, please choose at least 2 Honors classes in the previous course choices. Note here if there are any others you were hoping to take. You will be registered for 1-2 in place of other classes

    8. Have you requested a Living/Learning community through your housing application? If so, which one? If accepted, you will be scheduled into the course(s) connected with that Living/Learning community, in place of others on your course request.

    Yes, the World of Career Discovery
    9. If you sang or played an instrument in high school and would like to continue doing so, you can consider adding a Music Ensemble to your schedule.
    These include: Chamber Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Pep Band, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, Symphonic Band and Chorale.

    Please indicate if you wish to have any of these added to your schedule.

    10. List any other information you want your advisor to know. This may include scheduling restraints, long range plans or academic concerns.

    11. In the case of students with disabilities, any special requirements can be communicated through the Office of Disabled Students Services (518) 442-5490.

    12. Your schedule is not considered finalized until you receive it from your advisor at Orientation. Until that time, you may see classes listed on your schedule through MyUAlbany, but these may change for a variety of reasons, including changes to the University's schedule of classes.