Preparing for Chiropractic Programs

Most Albany students will enter a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) program after graduation.

The following list should serve as a general guideline only since program requirements vary:

Common Course Requirements

General Biology w/labs                                                                       2 semesters
General Chemistry w/labs                                                                   2 semesters
Organic Chemistry w/labs                                                                   1-2 semesters
Physics w/labs                                                                                     2 semesters
Statistics/Calculus                                                                               1-2 semesters
English Composition/Literature                                                          1-2 semesters

Additional Courses depending on the program:

Biochemistry or Organic Chemistry II w/lab
Humanities/Social Sciences (15 credit hours)

Common Admissions Requirements:

Personal statement/essay
3 Letters of recommendation (at least one from a doctor of chiropractic)
Shadowing/volunteer experience especially in a chiropractic office
GPA of 2.5 +

How to Apply:

Chiropractic Centralized Application Services (ChiroCAS) is the central application service.  Some schools do not use this service and will have their own application. 

Rolling admissions for most schools.  You need to check each school’s website for deadlines.

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