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New Transfer Student Academic Advisement

Following the process outlined below, you will become familiar with your degree requirements at UAlbany, plan your program of study, receive feedback on your plan from your advisor, and register for your first semester of coursework.

1. Set up your MyUAlbany account.

2. Learn to read your Transfer Credit Evaluation.

The Transfer Credit Evaluation lists all the courses you’ve taken at previous institutions, and shows how those courses transfer to UAlbany.

3. Understand your UAlbany degree requirements using the Degree Audit Report.

The Degree Audit Report (DARS) details your graduation requirements, and shows how your previous coursework will apply to those requirements.

4. Read the Departmental advice for transfer students prepared by your major’s academic department.  Consider carefully how this advice applies to you.

If you are an Open major or haven’t yet decided between two majors, read the Open Major advice specially prepared for you.

5. Create your Educational Plan for completing your degree (how many credits per semester will you take, for how many semesters?  Are there particular courses you need to complete in sequence, and if so when will you complete these?  What available courses make the most sense for you to take this fall?)

6. Submit your plan through this website for advisor feedback.  The advisor will contact you by phone or email within one week.

7. Learn to use the necessary registration tools (Schedule of Classes Search, MyUAlbany registration system.)

8. Upon receipt of advisor feedback and an Advisement Verification Number (AVN), register for appropriate coursework using MyUalbany.

All students are encouraged to attend the Transfer Orientation to meet with departmental representatives and participate in an orientation to the department and the major.

Should you have any questions prior to your arrival on campus feel free to contact us at (518) 442-3960 Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4pm.


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