Workshops and Training

John at Omega 2009
John having fun during a
break at Omega, 2009

We routinely provide training and clinical workshops for mental health professionals of all levels who are interested in learning about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). In fact, since 2007, John has trained over 3,000 professionals in the application of ACT in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They learn how to apply ACT in the treatment of persons suffering from a range of problems, with special emphasis on anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and problem anger.

We also occasionally hold workshops for the general public that focus on applying ACT principles to your own experience in the service of living a personally meaningful, value directed life. In addition, members of the general public at times attend our professional-oriented workshops, with our annual 5-day Omega retreat being particularly popular with professionals and the public alike. See photos of our time at Omega HERE.

Please see Dr. Forsyth's Workshop Schedule Page for a list of upcoming workshops.

Workshop Open!

To arrange a workshop or to discuss workshops or training needs, please contact Dr. John Forsyth directly at the address below:

John P. Forsyth, Ph.D.
University at Albany, SUNY
Department of Psychology, SS399
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222
Ph: (518) 442-4862
Fax: (518) 442-4867