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We are doing most of our research on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (pronounced ACT, as one word) for anxious forms of human suffering on our own dime. We currently have no grant support for our research for the general public. We go to great efforts to not charge anything to participate in our work, including our study evaluating the effectiveness of The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook and The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for anxiety. In fact, we've had to rely on the generous support of New Harbinger, and Matt McKay (president of New Harbinger), in helping us make the workbook available for study participants at no cost to them.

Our research activity is entirely affiliated with the University at Albany, and our own research laboratory -- The Anxiety Disorders Research Program (ADRP) -- within the Department of Psychology at the University at Albany. Dr. Forsyth is an internationally recognized leader in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the Director of the ADRP, a program he began in 1997 on the heels of the Center for Anxiety Disorders closing down. The ADRP operates with a committed group of doctoral level students in clinical psychology and a dozen or so eager undergraduate research assistants. We rely on the support of the University and individuals with the means and interest in supporting us. This is where you may come in.

We have a vision to establish a Center for the Advancement of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This Center will provide a resource for research and scholarship on acceptance and mindfulness-based approaches, with a goal of the alleviation of human suffering and the advancement of human vitality. We see such a center as a place that conducts research while also providing clinical mental health services for individuals interested in ACT and related mindfulness and acceptance approaches. There is nothing quite like this in the United States and we'd like to be the first.

If you have the means and interest in supporting our research and applied work, including our dream of establishing an ACT research and clinical center, you may do so via the following University page: Support U Albany. You may learn more about making a financial gift at the website, find links to speak with a University representative directly, or follow the link below to make such donations entirely online at the University secure site. If you do make a gift online, be sure to designate it to Dr. Forsyth, Anxiety Disorders Research Program, Department of Psychology.

You may also contact Dr. Forsyth directly. He'd be happy to chat with you about how to turn your financial gift into a concrete and sustainable plan for the future.

Dr. John P. Forsyth can be reached at:
University at Albany, SUNY
Department of Psychology
Social Sciences 399
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222
Ph: 518-442-4862
Fax: 518-442-4867