Our lab space is currently divided into several sections. Our "annex" offers workspace for administrative duties, computers for students use, access to SPSS for data analysis, and word and graphic processing for publication and presentation preparation. Our second space offers a private office for completing intensive work in addition to an observation room and two experimental rooms stocked with psychophysiological measurement equipment. Additional workspace/computers are available in this area as well. Finally, we have a small room that currently functions as a meditation area.


We are dedicated to using scientific know how, with a focus on anxiety disorders, to understand and ameliorate human suffering. We have basic and applied lines of research underway, and much of that is framed within an approach known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT, said as one word). We are addressing variables and processes that feed and maintain anxious suffering and researching how best to alleviate that suffering, within the framework of ACT. We are a tight-knit group and view our lab members (both graduate and undergraduate) as part of a family. We have also adopted a set of values for our lab to live by. It is avaliable as a PDF file.

We recently evaluated the values that each of us hold as members of the lab. They can be found in a PDF file.

Awards and Honors

ADRP is honored to be recognized by their peers and the community at large. Click here to view our awards and honors.