Befoe you apply

Research Assistant Requirements

Gaining a research assistant (RA) slot in our lab is competitive. To be eligible, applicants must be willing to (a) commit at least 1 year of work in the lab (pending satisfactory performance), (b) have solid academic (minimum GPA of 3.0) and interpersonal qualities, and (c) demonstrate a strong work ethic and some degree of focus in terms of a future career in clinical science/practice. Computer literacy is required. Most assistants who work in the lab are highly committed to advanced graduate training in clinical psychology and see their present research experiences in the lab as the beginning of their eventual career as clinical scientists and practitioners. Many research assistants tend to work more than 1 year (two academic semesters) in the lab. Special lab requirements exist for students wishing to use their research assistantship for credit in 297/397 courses.

Expectations of RAs

RAs are expected to behave in a professional, collegial, and respectful manner when interacting with staff, other professionals, and particularly patients and research participants. As we are primarily a research program, RAs are expected to undergo SUNYA Research Ethics Training shortly after joining the lab and to behave consistent with the APA Ethical Principles for Psychologists and Code of Conduct and the Research Ethics Guidelines described by the SUNYA Institutional Review Board. RAs are expected to keep their commitments and obligations, and to know when to ask for help and guidance. RAs aspire to a level of involvement beyond clerical/administrative tasks (e.g., data entry), but this has to be earned. We expect RAs to be capable of doing more (with training and experience) than library searches/data entry/clerical tasks. Keep in mind, however, that such activities are part of the research process, regardless of level of training/expertise. RAs are expected to do good work, represent the lab well, and show a willingness to help others (as needed).


  1. All applications will be reviewed for consideration.
  2. Potential candidates who's background and interests fit with our research program and activities will be contacted by Dr. Forsyth or one of his staff to set up an interview.
  3. We seek the best and most highly motivated candidates and research assistants. Thus, being selected as a research assistant is highly competitive. We can't wait to hear from you!

If you are up to the challenge of conducting important, methodologically sound research aimed at improving the lives of others at the ADRP, click here for our on-line application.