Be a UAlbany Great Dane!

“You have an outstanding university. Now I want what’s happening in Albany to happen across the country.” – President Barack Obama

Where’s Damien?
Damien loves to travel and see new things, but he needs your help! 

1) Take a photo or video with Damien’s head
2) Upload to Twitter, Instagram or Vine using #BeAGreatDane
3) If we love your photo or video, you could win a prize!

Meet Damien

Breed: Great Dane
Date of Birth: 1965
Hometown: Albany, NY
Best Qualities: Strength, Courage, Stamina & Speed
Favorite Colors: Purple & Gold
Favorite Song: UAlbany Fight Song

Damien's Do's and Don'ts

Do apply to UAlbany
Don't forget to join our mailing list
Do take a campus tour
Don't ignore our admissions staff
Do cheer on our Great Danes
Don't miss your chance to get involved