Admission Appeal

The University at Albany receives over 30,000 undergraduate applications for a limited number of spaces. Each application is carefully reviewed by the Admissions Committee and given maximum consideration. Because of the thoroughness of the review process it is very unlikely that an initial admission decision will be changed. We encourage applicants to consider all available educational options.

For an appeal to have merit it must bring to light new academic or personal information, as well as information pertaining to extenuating circumstances, that had not been present in the application. This information should clearly show that the student is stronger than had been earlier evidenced. The appeal process is not a re-review of an existing applicant file and appeals will not be accepted from applicants who are not submitting new information.

A few common valid basis for an appeal include:

  • An inaccurate grade reported on the transcript, which impacted GPA
  • Failure to report a medical condition, illness or surgery, which negatively impacted academics and/or personal achievement
  • Failure to report a life changing circumstance (such as death of a parent or financial hardship), which negatively impacted academics and/or personal achievement

After reviewing the information above, if you wish to appeal, follow these procedures:

  1. If you intend to submit new transcripts or test scores, they must be sent officially from the school or appropriate testing agency.
  2. Email a formal appeal to Undergraduate Admissions that includes:
    • Your full name, date of birth, and contact information
    • Your reasons for the appeal and supporting details
    • Any extenuating circumstances
    • A list of new and compelling information that was not included in your original application
    • An explanation of why the new information was not originally included

Once an appeal is received, the Admissions Appeals Committee will review the new information and render a decision. Please note: Appeals will only be considered once and all decisions are final.