Review Your Content

We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.

- Stevie Wonder

The University at Albany utilizes a distributed content management system in order to publish and maintain information across multiple sites. While the OpenText/RedDot system includes accessibility features and ensures that the numerous web editors work within a unified and accessible template, there is still the possibility that the site you are editing may contain inaccessible content.

How to Identify Accessibility Errors

Since every feature and function of a webpage could benefit from inclusive design, there is no one correct place to start when conducting an accessibility audit. Furthermore, depending on your role, you may not be able to directly address the issues you encounter when reviewing a website within the domain. That said, with the features of an accessible website in mind and the help of free tools like the Colour Contrast Analyser and WebAIM's Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool, you can locate errors and make a positive impact on user experience in a matter of minutes.