Best Practices for Page Structure

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Common Page Structure Errors

Error #1: Use of headers to achieve visual results, not structure hierarchy

In this example, h4 tags have been used to make the center line stand out:

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1400 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12222

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Error #2: Duplicate element IDs

In this example, both the paragraph and the span element have an id equal to "demo-text":

Title Here

Text here

Error #3: Positioning information with CSS

In this example, CSS has been improperly used to create a set of columns

Error #4: Identifying content by shape or location

In this example, the navigation instructions depend entirely on the distinction between left and right:

To go to next page, press the button to the right. To go back to previous page, press the button to the left

Error #5: Ambiguous page title

In this example, the title element does not identify the contents or purpose of the webpage:

 <title>Untitled Document</title>