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Error #1: Use of links that go nowhere in dynamic menus

In this example, the dropdown menu is exposed when the user hovers over the link with their mouse, but keyboard users cannot access the drop-down menu, so the link is completely useless and all of the link destinations in the menu are inaccessible to them:

Error #2: Using only pointing-device-specific event handlers for a function

In this example, the menu responds only to a mouse click, so the keyboard cannot be used to activate the same effect:

Error #3: Using script to make div or span a user interface control in HTML without providing a role for the control

In this example, a checkbox is created using a span and an image, and there is no information that identifies it as a checkbox:

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Error #4: Presenting navigation links in a different relative order on different pages

Looking at the two menus below, the slight discrepancy in the order of the links may cause confusion if everything else about the menu box remains the same from page to page: