Acc681 Accounting Information Systems

Fall, 1997

Jagdish S. Gangolly


This handout discusses the group project in order to provide you the basis for working on the projects. The deliverables are meant as guidelines only.

I expect each group to meet with me in my office during the office hours every week till Thanksgiving. At these meetings, we will take stock of what each group has accomplished, and evaluate the progress in the project. Such evaluations are an integral part of the evaluation of the group projects, and will be reflected in the points assigned to the presentations. I shall announce what I expect each group to document for these meetings.


The objectives of the team project are:


By now, each group should have selected one of the components of the manual accounting system described in the practice set Systems Understanding Aid. Examples are: Sales, Cash Receipts/Accounts Receivable, Cash disbursement/Accounts Payable, Purchases, Payroll, Inventory. Each group also should have, by now, arrived at a consensus as to the Entity-Relationship diagram as well as the data model diagram for the system chosen.


The group project carries 200 points towards the course grade. The group oral presentations in the class, after thanksgiving, carries 50 points. The written report that is due on December 2, 1996 carries 150 points.

I give below in some details the requirements as well as the deliverables for the group oral presentations and the written report.

GROUP ORAL PRESENTATIONS (12/2, 12/4, & 12/9):

Each group will have approximately 25 minutes to make this presentation. The presentation must be professional in spirit. You must assume that this is the presentation that you would make to your client in accounting practice. It should include the description of the proposed system and should be organized to convince the client that it is superior to the existing system. You should demonstrate the system that you are proposing, or at least provide sufficient information in your presentation so that the client has an adequate understanding of what you did in the project.

In the oral presentations, you should briefly discuss