ACC 682 Fall, 1998

Oracle Username/Password Information Sheet

Each student in ACC682 as been assigned a username and password to use with NT as well as the Oracle server (named cayley). This handout will show you how to log on and manage your password.


First, you have to logon to one of the Windows NT workstations in the lab using the username/password as explained in class (the username will be your Unix-ID and the initial password will be your ID in reverse (backwards), which you are prompted to change upon first logon. Note that the NT system is case sensitive, i.e. upper and lower case in both username and password make a difference! If you wish to change the NT password at some later date, you can do that by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Select Change Password as one of the six options.


Second, start the program SQL Plus 8.0, which can be found as follows:

Start – Programs - Oracle for Windows NT – SQL Plus 8.0

A dialog box will appear on the screen. You are asked to enter username, password and host string. See below for username and password. ENTER "cayley" FOR THE HOST STRING.

The format for the oracle username looks like this:

Username Example: Matt Schmuecker SS# xxx-xx-7986

Username Format: AMS7986

Password upon first logon: oracle

Oracle Logon Notes:

  1. Every user in ACC682 will have the character "A" to start his/her username. The purpose of the "A" prefix is to keep all accounts for this course together in the database’s system tables.
  2. The next characters are comprised of the first letters of your first and last name, followed by the last four digits of your SS# (basically, your Unix account username)
  3. Notice, that the letter "O" and the digit "0" are different keys on your computer’s keyboard.
  4. Finally, you can use either upper or lower case for the letters in your username. So, for this example Matt’s username can be either ams9786 or AMS7986.
  5. The startup password will expire the first time you use it. You will get the error message "the password has expired" and a dialog box at initial sign-on that requires you to retype the old password and enter a new password twice.
  6. If you fail in the process of changing your password during your initial use of your Oracle username/password, you will have to see Matt Schmuecker in BA 365A.
  7. If you wish to change your oracle password at some later date, you can use the SQL command ALTER USER. In the example below, Matt is changing his password to the new password daisy2:



Attention Home-Users: Unfortunately, you cannot use Oracle SQL from home, since you need the oracle client software installed on your computer.

Have fun with your project!