Acc 681 Analysis & Design of Accounting Systems

November 8, 1998.

I have provided links in the schedule to two handouts that we will discuss during the next two weeks. The first handout discusses the role of accountants in information systems. The second handout deals with the process of analysis and design of accounting information systems. You may read these while skimming/browsing the chapters assigned in the Whitten/Bentley text.

October 17, 1998.

I have placed the Guidelines for the Group Project on the web. Please read it carefully. It is in postscript form, and you will need to set ghostview/ghostscript on the PCs at home if you want to print them at home. You can print them in the Lab if you wish.

October 12, 1998.

As I had announced in the class, the following is due from each group by Friday October 16, 1998.
  • A title of the transaction cycle (from the Systems Understanding Aid) that your group has chosen for the project.
  • A brief write-up describing the system you will be building, based on your understanding of the description given in Systems Understanding Aid
  • A list of all the documents/records in the transaction cycle that you expect to use in the project
  • The entire submission above should not exceed one page (single-spaced).

    I am preparing a more detailed page describing the group project, guidelines, and deadlines. It will be about a week before that will be out. I shall be announcing the posting of that page through this page.

    September 7, 1998.

    As some of you may know, the postscript version of the transparencies to the Java textbook is available on-line at For those who prefer the Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf files), the transparencies are available at I shall NOT be using these, but some of you may like to browse them to gain a better understanding of the book material.

    I have yet to hear from a number of students via e-mail. I shall respond individually as soon as I have heard from all the students in the class.

    As some of you know, we have been overwhelmed by the enrolment in Acc 681, and therefore the Department of Accounting & Law has decided to split the class into two sections. In order to provide the ideal learning environment for all registered in the class, we have decided to split all students registered in both Acc 681 and Acc 682 ( and those registered in only Acc 682) into a separate section. That section will meet TTH: 1:00 - 2:20 PM in the proposed Arthur Andersen Lab (BA 365) starting SEPTEMBER 8, 1998. Since this issue was resolved by general consent of those enrolled & present in the Acc 682 class last week (September 1, 1998), all affected by this shuffling of enrolments should already be aware.

    August 20, 1998.

    Apparently there was a broken link to the handout for the first class. This has been fixed. You should now be able to view the handout.

    August 17, 1998.

    All important announcements (test date, coverage of the test, changes to readings, additional readings, deadlines, guidelines to projects, homework, cancellation of classes in emergencies, ....) during the semester will be made here. An announcement made on this page will be deemed to have been communicated to the class, and therefore, you should visit this page at least once a week.
    Updated on August 17, 1998 by Jagdish S. Gangolly.